Starting a business

Do not start a business under the illusion that you are making a ‘lifestyle’ choice, unless your desired lifestyle involves working longer hours and having more stress than you ever thought possible whilst in your old job.

The only way you can then work less and have more time for your family and interests,  is if you are independently wealthy and you just want something to occupy you whilst the kids are at school. Before starting a business, make sure your gay partner/wife/significant other/dog and cat and above all yourself understand this.

You will not see more of them. Your body might but I promise you your brain won’t, so make sure that you have it in writing with signature and paw print that they consent to this madness. I started my own business 10 minutes from home after spending years doing a 1 hour commute into the City where I worked long hours. I thought Great, I will have loads more time to spend with the kids.’ Wrong! Those 2 hours a day saved became three hours extra working. It was only after about 6 years that I had a good enough management infrastructure in place to start to leave regulalrly at a normal time.

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  • Naz Hayat

    Your comments on starting your own business are so to the point Mike.

    Great blog!